BT's new Stay Fast Guarantee promises its most reliable broadband ever

BT' Stay Fast Guarantee broadband deals
Image credit: BT (Image credit: BT)

BT broadband is committing to a speed guarantee, both for new and current customers, that it says will mean it's the most reliable service yet. It's hoping it will ensure that BT broadband deals stand out from the rest in the UK right now. 

This offering guarantees both broadband speed and excellent customer service. The BT Stay Fast Guarantee, will mean automatic personalised line checks and 24/7 speed monitoring so that every customer gets the best internet connection speed they possibly can.

The news comes in the wake of new regulations from Ofcom that mean broadband providers have to pay customers fines if they don't deliver the speeds they have sold them. As such, if BT doesn't have a broadband line working optimally within 30 days after a fault is reported, the customer will be given £20 back up to four times a year.

BT will also offer "expert customer service" based in the UK and Ireland to resolve any issues that come up as quickly as possible.

Kelly Barlow, BT's Marketing Director, said: "With our new Stay Fast Guarantee, we don’t just guarantee customers’ broadband speeds, we constantly check and optimise them, so they’ll get reliable broadband speeds all day every day.

"If a customer’s broadband falls below their personal speed guarantee then we have an expert team of service agents on hand to get things back to normal as soon as possible - ensuring they get the best and most personal broadband experience."

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