Boat launches Immortal 700 gaming headphones with 50mm audio driver

Boat Immortal 700
(Image credit: Boat)

Boat has been at the apex of the Indian audio products market for a long time with its continuous launches. Now, the company has refreshed its Immortal gaming headphones series with the launch of Boat Immortal 700 gaming headphones. 

These headphones are the fourth from the series and are available at an affordable price in the market. Previously, the company dropped three headphones from the Immortal series - Boat Immortal 1000D, Immortal 1300, and Immortal 200 gaming headphones. 

For starters, Boat Immortal 700 have been specifically designed for gamers, and they feature 50mm audio driver for high-quality audio output. For audio clarity, the product comes with 7.1 virtual channel surround sound support.  

Boat Immortal 700 gaming headphones pricing and availability

As of now, Boat Immortal 700 gaming headphones are available for Rs 2,499. The retail price of the device mentioned on Amazon is Rs 6,990, indicating that Boat may increase the prices in the near future. The headphones can be purchased via Amazon India and shipped in a single black and red variant. 

Boat Immortal 700 gaming headphones specifications

The new offering by Boat can be connected to the host device via USB as they are specially for gamers. Furthermore, the headphones also feature an in-line remote control that enables the user to control the RGB LED modes, mic and control audio. They have a soft earpiece that reduces sweat and makes them one of the best comrades in long gaming sessions. 

In addition, the Boat Immortal 700 gaming headphones sport an adjustable mic featuring ENx technology that provides high-quality audio input and output. The headphones also have a companion app so that the users can customize the audio in a way they want to and get the best out of their gaming headphones. 

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