Overnight news roundup: 19-20 September

Apple might make firmware changes to the iPhone which would render it permanently broken if someone tried to unlock it

Can you taste the weekend yet? If not, you may need a steady diet of tech news.

Much like the rest of us, it doesn't look like Intel is ready to take the leap and support Blu-ray or HD DVD. According to Intel, it won't choose sides and will offer native support for both media formats going forward.

Fancy an iBrick?

Maybe Apple isn't so excited about iPhone unlocking, after all. According to numerous reports, Steve Jobs' statement about stopping iPhone unlocking suggests Apple may go beyond a simple stoppage - it could take steps to turn your iPhone into a shiny and utterly ineffective brick. Yikes.

Digg.com - the popular social news site - has turned its service into a whole new offering today. According to company representatives, the site will give users the option to customise their profile. More importantly, Digg is looking to increase its awareness outside the tech world and appeal to a more mainstream group. Could this ostracise the tech group? We'll see.

If Sony has become the indicator for the entire notebook industry, I guess we know what we can expect from tech companies from now on - slicker notebook designs. The company has unveiled a new VAIO laptop that offers some fancy artwork to help make your laptop your own.

Although it has been slow to progress, the United States currently offers listeners some HD radio stations in select cities so they can enjoy higher-fidelity sound. To capitalise on that, a company called Dual Electronics has unveiled two new HD radios that offer some nice specs for a sub-$150 price tag.

Slow revolution

Although it has been years since the dissolution of Yugoslavia, it seems the internet has taken until today to catch up. Four years after the country's civil war ended, the ever-so-popular .yu has now been replaced by .me for Montenegro and .rs for Serbia.