BGMI Lite may soon rollout in India - Here’s why it is needed

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Battlegrounds Mobile India took charge since its launch and maintained its dominance in the Indian battle royale domain. The game keeps the players hooked with the latest updates and regular collabs with franchises. A recent example of the same is the BGMI x Spiderman No Way Home crossover. We all know that BGMI is meant for devices with high-end specifications. Here comes the main question: what about the low-end devices? 

PUBG Mobile, for the record, had a version for low-end devices that was named PUBG Mobile Lite. Now, latest rumors suggest that we can soon see BGMI Lite, maybe as early as January 2022. Previously, a few data-miners had suggested the same timeline for the rollout of the game. 

What's the current scenario?

The demand for BGMI Lite is increasing day by day as the users want a game similar to BGMI that is not going to take a toll on their smartphone's RAM and storage. Players took it to Twitter, and in no time, two hashtags, including #WeWantBGMILite and #bringbackPUBGMobileLite, went viral on Twitter.

The game developers, Krafton, have not shared any sort of response on the latest. However, leaks suggested that the light version of the popular battle royale game is already under development. Saying that Krafton will, or will not, release the game so early is not right as information regarding the game is still sketchy. 

Why is BGMI Lite needed?

Brands like Realme, Xiaomi, Moto, and others are focusing on capturing the budget and mid-range smartphone market in India. Their recent smartphone launches point towards the same. Now, it is not like that one cannot run BGMI on a smartphone with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. However, in the long run, the game will gradually decrease the performance of the device. 

Here comes the requirement of BGMI Lite.  A version with the same concept and low system requirements is surely going to gain a lot of traction amongst the audience that prefers budget smartphones. Another important factor is that BGMI Lite will  not require aggressive CPU use that can lead to the heating of low-end and some mid-range devices. 

What we expect from BGMI Lite?

Considering that BGMI Lite is going to be a low-end version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, it can be said that the game will have lower graphic settings. The number of maps offered in the game might also be reduced to manage the size of the game. 

BGMI fans may have to also compromise with the number of modes available in BGMI Lite in order to use less RAM. Similar to PUBG Mobile Lite, the game could get its own Royale Pass. No further details regarding BGMI Lite are available at this moment. 

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