Battlefield 6 could have its own free-to-play mode, hints recent survey

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A recent survey circulated around the Battlefield community could offer some hints at what EA and DICE have planned for Battlefield 6 (now confirmed to be Battlefield 2042) in terms of new and returning features.

The survey, shared by YouTuber Lossy (via VGC), asks Battlefield fans a series of questions, gauging their interest - from “not at all interested” to “extremely interested” - in seeing a variety of features in the next Battlefield game.

Some of the features mentioned in the questions include a free-to-play game mode; map updates, such as the “existing map changing part of its components”; a Battle Pass with a “progression system to unlock cosmetic content in a free and a premium line”; and a Guild/Clan system allowing players to “invite or join a group of up to 100 people to help connect and play with them through features like Clan chat, Clan challenges, Clan stats etc.)”.

A free-to-play mode is probably one of the more interesting features mentioned in the survey, especially as leaker TheLongSensation (AKA Tom Henderson) has previously claimed that DICE has had a Battlefield Battle Royale in the works at some stage, suggesting the studio wants to create their own version of Activision’s successful free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone.

Unfortunately, a survey isn’t really any kind of definitive confirmation of what we’ll see in Battlefield 6 when it launches and while it’s possible the responses to these questions could help EA and DICE shape plans for the future, Battlefield 6 is still something of a mystery.

No guarantees

We’re hoping, however, that we don’t have too much longer to wait to get some official information on Battlefield 6, as a recent report has pointed to a May reveal. 

GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb told a fan who asked when the game would be revealed that “Things are still fluid, they haven’t announced anything publicly yet, but my understanding is that they’re [EA] probably looking at May”, adding that this was no guarantee. May does, however, line up with EA’s previous confirmation that Battlefield 6 will be revealed “in the Spring”.

Battlefield 6 doesn’t have a firm release date just yet but it’s expected to launch later this year on consoles and PC.

Emma Boyle

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