Sennheiser cuts the cord on its new Momentum and Urbanite headphones

Sennheiser Momentum II
The now-foldable new Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser is taking full advantage of its time at CES 2015 in Vegas this week by introducing a wide range of new headphones.

First and foremost is the Momentum II range, Sennheiser's next-gen Momentum headphones, which now fold up for extra portability.

These include the new Momentum Wireless and Momentum On-Ear Wireless headphones, with NFC and Bluetooth, advanced noise cancellation and 22-hour battery life.

Sports and specialties

Next up is the Urbanite XL Wireless, a touch panel-equipped Bluetooth 4.0 entry in the Urbanite range that Sennheiser says offers "club sound on the move."

Sennheiser is also introducing four new models of RS digital wireless headphones with "interference-free sound, highly reliable connectivity and excellent range" for "audio specialists."

Sennheiser RS line

Sennheiser's RS line

These include the RS 165, RS 175, RS 185, and RS 195, all with a variety of audio options. The RS 195 can even "address specific personal hearing needs," Sennheiser says, including making speech more intelligible for wearers.

Finally Sennheiser's new line of Sports headphones - "based on the latest scientific research into the impact of extreme movement on sound quality," the company says - includes the MX 686 Sports, PMX 686 Sports, CX 686 Sports, and OCX 686 Sports.

Sennheiser Sports line

Sennheiser's Sports line

The MX and PMX have more open acoustics for better environmental awareness, while the CX and OCX have closed-canal designs that help keep external sounds out.

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