Leaked Guru could be Nokia's answer to the iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle
Every day I'm shufflin'

Nokia is all set to announce a whole new line-up of products at the Nokia World event tomorrow, but until then it looks like the leaks will continue coming fast and loose.

Leak-happy tweeter @evleaks sent out a press image supposedly showing a new pocketable music player called the Nokia Guru. The characteristically short caption "Nokia Guru, 2013" suggests the device is due before the year's up.

At first glance it looks mighty similar to Apple's iPod Shuffle as an tiny clip-on music player. The biggest difference is that in place of a round wheel of controls there's a simple play button.

The face of the Guru is also emblazoned with a NFC mark, implying the device is Bluetooth capable too. Other than these at-a-glance details, we don't know harder facts like on-board storage or price.

Nokia Guru

It's cyan so you know it's from Nokia (credit: @evleaks)

Someone left the sink on

The Guru is just the latest Nokia leak to come our way today. Earlier, the Nokia store on Chinese website Tmall listed a new smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1520.

It seems Nokia has some surprises (which are getting less surprising by the minute) lined up with its six products rumored for tomorrow, including its first phablet and all-new music machine. It is refreshing to think Nokia is capable of developing new products that don't just feature a larger camera.

We'll have all the latest for you tomorrow starting at 12 a.m.PT/8 a.m. BT and 7 p.m. AEST, so tune back in to see which direction Nokia takes us.

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