Bose Quietcomfort 25 headphones announced with advanced noise cancelling

Bose Quietcomfort 25 headphones announced with advanced noise cancelling

Bose is to bin one of its most popular headphones models, replacing the classic Quietcomfort 15 with the brand new Bose Quietcomfort 25.

The basic style of the Quietcomfort 25 is very similar to that of the old model – these are over-ears headphones with active noise cancellation.

However, Bose says it has improved the headphones' performance in just about every aspect.

"We improved nearly every dimension — greater noise reduction, lifelike audio, a striking new profile and styles, and a new earcup pivot to fold up smaller than ever," says Bose's Sean Garrett.

Bose doesn't like to talk about the basic audio hardware at the core of its products, but we do know the QC25 use Active EQ that changes the frequency response as volume alters to provide the smooth and easy sound that has become a Bose signature.

Bose also claims it has gotten rid of the slight hiss that is a noise floor in every pair of active noise cancellation headphones we've listened to. Impressive stuff.

Styling it out

At launch, the Bose Quietcomfort 25 will come in two main shades. There's a black version with black earpads and a white version with tan earpads.

However – in the US at least – you'll be able to fully customise the headphones with virtually any colour you want.

The design has also been streamlined a bit from the old Bose Quietcomfort 15 blueprint, making them a bit simpler, a bit more attractive, than the old model.

Unlike some other ANC headphones, though, the Bose Quietcomfort 15 use an AAA battery rather than a rechargeable one. It'll get you 35 hours of use.

There's also an in-line remote for iOS devices.

We don't yet have UK pricing details for the Bose Quietcomfort 25, but in the US they'll cost $299.99, or $399.99 with fully customised colours.