Let the Wookie Sing: Spotify will find your Star Wars music match


Ever wondered what Luke, Han and Leia like to listen to when they let their hair down? Nor have we, but now you can find the answer thanks to a bizarre new promotional tie-up between streaming service Spotify and Star Wars.

If you head over to the Star Wars Match website and login with your Spotify account, the site will match you with the Star Wars character whose musical tastes best match your own. It will also launch a playlist of songs that the two of you might enjoy.

If you don't have a Spotify account, you can go through an artist selection process as a guest, which will then make a rough estimate based on five bands you like instead.

The brand synergy is, umm, not terribly strong with this one.

If you listen to a lot of hair metal, you'll probably end up matched with Chewbacca… which sort of makes sense.

If you listen to a lot of punk (the best type of music), you'll end up matched to Boba Fett (the best character). In the case of the latter, this spits out a playlist containing the likes of the Ramones, Bad Religion and Operation Ivy. Boba Fett is clearly a man of good taste.

Why not give it a try?