Samsung squares up to Sonos with its Shape M5 wireless speaker

Samsung squares up to Sonos with its wireless Shape M5 speaker
Or should that be 'triangles up to Sonos'?

Much like how Sonos offered a cheaper and smaller audio streaming box with the Play:1, Samsung is pulling a similar stunt with the Shape M5, which it will show off at CES 2014.

The new multiroom speaker arrives in a smaller, more interesting (and presumably cheaper) form than the existing $400 (about £240, AU$450) M7, and features three drivers instead of the M7's five.

It can also be linked up with other M5 and M7 speakers via your home network, with control taking place via the free Shape app.

Rather shapely

The M5's fancy triangular new design can be positioned vertically or horizontally. We'd describe it as "upside-down-ocarina-like", in case you were wondering.

Samsung's not giving us anything on pricing or details for now but promises we'll hear all once it's been unveiled at the Vegas show.

But it won't be stopping there. Samsung will also be showing off its new HW-H750 soundbar, which will offer 320W of sound and can be paired with its other Shape speakers for anyone looking to get the full home theatre experience.

Also on show from Samsung will be the HW-H600 Sound Stand speaker base and HT-H7730WM home cinema surround sound speaker kit.

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