Samsung's bid for audio domination begins with multiroom audio speakers

Samsung M7 speaker
Do triangles make better sound?

As Sonos will undoubtedly have noticed, Samsung last night launched its new multiroom audio range, featuring a pair of triangular speakers, an updated Soundbar and a 1330W Series 7 Home Theatre System to compete with the likes of the Sonos Play:1.

The new range is managed using multiroom Link to create a central ecosystem, enabling multiple music sources to be accessed over Wi-Fi.

Samsung's Wireless Audio multiroom app, which is available on iOS and Android, makes it easy to select any music source and speaker combo your ears desire via your smartphone or tablet.

Music streaming services and this year's Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players can act as music sources, but Samsung's representative was unsure if TVs from previous years would be compatible once upgraded with an Evolution Kit.

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Samsung's triangular speakers, which come in M5 and M7 variations, feature Bluetooth and NFC and can lie flat or stand upright.

If you prefer a subtle approach, the speakers' shape makes them easy to discretely position in corners, where they will be heard rather than seen.

A Samsung representative said the system had been tested with 12 speakers linked at once, but could potentially handle more. The M5 and M7 speakers retail for $399 and $499 respectively and are available in black and white.

Samsung has also updated its Series 7 Soundbar's insides - even if the exterior remains more or less unchanged - upping its power to 320W.

It features 4.1 channel sound, an 8-inch 160W subwoofer and can be turned on via previously paired Bluetooth devices, which is one less reason to have to get out of bed in the morning. The Soundbar retails for $899.

Also launched last night was the Series 7 Home Theatre System, featuring six speakers (two tallboys, two rear satellites, one centre speaker and one sub-woofer) and the new DTS Neo: Fusion II codec for 2014, which creates virtual 9.1 channels of output. The system retails for $1,099.