Auntie teams up with Spotify for the new BBC Music app

BBC Music
The Beeb's musical output goes mobile

The BBC has launched a new iOS and Android app, BBC Music, which aims to bring together all of the BBC's musical offerings from TV, radio and any online exclusives into one portable package.

The UK-based app will operate across mobile phones and tablets, building on the BBC Playlister to bring music from across the Corporation into one convenient place.

"The BBC Music app lets you get straight to the music you love, from In Concert and Live Lounge sessions to Jools Holland, with the tap of a button," explained the Director of BBC Music, Bob Shennan. "This is just the start for us, and we want to hear from users over time to make the BBC Music app the best that it can be, so they can enjoy music from across the BBC – whenever and wherever they are."

Still working on streaming

This isn't the same streaming service the BBC touted back in September last year, a service which proposed to allow the user direct streaming access to any of the estimated 50,000 tracks the BBC plays via its various channels every month.

Though the BBC maintains that is still in development and that it is working with partners in the music industry to bring the 30-day streaming service to fruition.

The new BBC Music app does however still retain the curated playlists functionality as well as the ability to add tracks to a personalised list. You won't be able to listen to everything via the app itself, but the Corporation has partnered up with Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to allow you to export your 'My Tracks' list and listen on your preferred streaming platform.

You will though be able to watch and listen to a huge variety of live music from BBC studios or the biggest festivals, as well as a huge range of interviews with artists.

BBC Music also features personalised elements which learn your musical tastes and becomes better able to recommend audio and video that are suited to you.

It's a more tightly focused, and more personal, service than simply using the iPlayer or iPlayer Radio apps; delivering a curated package with the potential to feed out into the other music apps you use on a daily basis.