Apple Music's new station will get you in the mood for Star Wars

Apple Music is getting its own Star Wars radio station
Image Credit: Apple

Need something to listen to while waiting in line for The Force Awakens tickets? Apple Music's got you covered with newly launched Star Wars Radio.

The custom streaming station not only contains the essential tracks from John William's iconic score, but also tosses in additional sound effects to set the mood, from the blips and bloops of droids to the familiar (though typically inaccurate) 'pew pew' bolts of Stormtrooper blasters.

Star Wars Radio is available on both the desktop and mobile clients for Apple Music, though Apple has noted that the station is not available in all regions outside the US.

For the ears that can't get enough Star Wars, iTunes is also taking pre-orders on the soundtrack from The Force Awakens, (complete with a track list potentially rife with spoilers - you've been warned!)

Apple Music isn't the only service tying in with the release of The Force Awakens. Facebook Messenger stickers, Twitter emojis, Chrome's spoiler-dodging browser extension, character-themed Google Cardboard headsets, a brand-new Battlefront game, and Spotify are just a few of the features and services building up hype for the seventh chapter of the Star Wars saga.

Parker Wilhelm
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