Asus ROG Phone 2 may be unveiled as soon as next month

The original Asus Rog Phone. Image Credit: TechRadar

It has been a year since Asus introduced its own attempt at a gaming phone to compete with the likes of the Razer Phone and a new rumor suggests there may be a second generation coming soon too.

A new rumor from Chinese microblogging website Weibo suggests Asus is prepping an announcement for July. That matches with a report we saw in April that suggested the ROG Phone 2 would be with us by the end of September.

The report didn't share an exact launch date for the phone, but we will hopefully hear something from Asus on the launch soon.

The dates also make sense considering the original ROG Phone was announced in June 2018. Exactly what upgrades we can expect for the ROG Phone 2 are currently unclear, as we've yet to see any firm rumors about the new Asus handset.

The rumor above says the phone will be optimized for gaming, but it doesn't suggest what this means, or in what ways the phone will be great for games. The original phone came with trigger buttons on the phone, so we can likely expect a return of that feature.

The latest Asus flagship phone - the ZenFone 6 - also has a flipping camera that works as both the front and rear shooter on the phone so we may see a new integration of that technology here.

We've asked Asus for confirmation on a launch date, and we'll update this story with anything we're told.


James Peckham

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