Prevx Edge offers sub- minute anti-virus scan

Take two AV programmes into the data-shower?
Take two AV programmes into the data-shower?

Prevx has launched its latest security product – anti-malware protection that has been designed to do its job either in tandem with other anti-virus programs or as stand-alone protection.

Prevx Edge is meant to plug the holes left by other leading brands' wares, but it is the company's 'real-time database of globally emerging threats' that it believes gives the cutting edge immediacy that modern anti-virus protection requires.

The interesting approach of designing a product that complements other AV software packages rather than clashes with them, is sure to raise a few eyebrows, but Prevx CEO Mel Morris insists that it is a sensible solution.

Broken a major barrier

"By designing a product which works alongside your existing security product we have broken a major barrier that is limiting the security industry's ability to combat the onslaught of these new threats to make consumer PCs safer," said Morris.

"We have designed Prevx Edge specifically so it can run alongside other security products because we believe, with existing security products failing to detect a huge amount of criminal software, the need for multiple layers of security has never been higher.

"We believe Prevx Edge to be the strongest consumer security software offering on the market, providing cutting-edge protection against the latest methods of attack used by cybercriminals.

"Our mission is to keep users' personal information safe, which is what we are trying to achieve with this new software."

Prevx also claims Edge to be light on CPU and RAM use – which is critical to many power users who don't want products slowing their experience, and a full scan apparently takes less than a minute to complete.

Patrick Goss

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