Your iPad is finally getting Apple’s best video and music editing apps

Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro being used on an iPad
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Apple has announced that two of its best creative apps on Macs – Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro – are getting dedicated iPad versions. These new apps should now help you use your Apple tablet to capture, edit and publish your creative projects from a single device.

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s premier video editing software. In our Final Cut Pro review, we awarded it a four-star rating. We commended its affordability and numerous tools, including Cinematic Mode, which gives you special tools when you tweak footage shot using an iPhone 13 or later. 

Logic Pro, on the other hand, is perfect for audio editors – particularly music producers. In our four-and-a-half-star Logic Pro review, we loved its impressive music production abilities and its compatibility with other key professional apps.

In both cases, however, the apps were let down by the fact that they were only available on Mac. Apple’s new iPad-dedicated versions should make it easier for users without one of the best Macbooks or best Mac desktops to access this great software when it launches on Tuesday, May 23.

Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro being used on an iPad

(Image credit: Apple)

You won’t be able to buy either app outright. Instead, you’ll pay $4.99 per month or $49 per year for each service. Uk and Australian pricing isn’t official yet, but based on exchange rates that’s around £3.99 / AU$7.39 per month and £39 / AU$73 per year.

What’s new with the iPad versions?  

Final Cut Pro takes full advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen with a few new features to help with navigation and editing. First, there’s a new jog wheel that makes it easier to move through your project’s timeline. You’ll also be able to use your Apple Pencil for another new feature: Live Draw, which allows you to write directly on top of video content.

Another neat addition is Scene Removal Mask; this filter apparently allows you to quickly and easily remove and replace the background behind a subject without the need for a green screen – though we’ll have to try this out for ourselves to know how reliable it really is.

Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro being used on an iPad

(Image credit: Apple)

As for Logic Pro, you’ll be able to touch to zoom in and scroll through tracks, draw with an Apple Pencil to make precision edits, and rely on a keyboard for the typical key commands that will be familiar if you use the Mac OS version. The iPad Logic Pro will also come with a new Sound Browser so you can find the perfect instrument, sample, or loop to add to your creation.

If you’re looking for other apps to use on your iPad, check out the best iPad apps of 2023.

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