Apple Glasses will be ready in 2020, according to this top analyst

Have you been waiting for Apple's first pair of smart glasses for what feels like forever? It's one of the most exciting technologies Apple is rumored to be working on, and a new report from a trusted analyst suggests the release date may be nearing.

Ming-Chi Kuo - an expert in all things Apple and a regularly correct source for iPhone rumors - has said he believes Apple's AR Glasses will be ready to be released at some point in 2020.

Take that date with a pinch of salt for now - Kuo won't know much for certain - but Kuo believes in his information enough to tell his clients about the upcoming product, so it may well be nearing a release.

Just over a year

This does go against what another popular Apple analyst has claimed about Apple Glasses. Gene Munster previously said he thinks the glasses will be coming in 2020, but recently changed his prediction to a December 2021 release without sharing why he has changed his mind.

It may be the glasses will be ready for that later date instead, after all, Apple CEO Tim Cook did say in late 2017 that he believes augmented reality technology needs to mature before it's ready to be placed on your face.

What is certain is that we won't see Apple Glasses this year and our wait will continue, but we'd rather wait that bit longer for a fully usable product so we don't see a repeat of the short-lived Google Glass consumer release.

Via: Apple Insider

James Peckham

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