Leaked Apple ARM CPU benchmark beats Intel Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro

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A newly leaked benchmark shows Apple's ARM-based A14X Bionic processor outperforming an Intel i9-powered MacBook Pro by a healthy margin. The new chip is expected to debut on November 10 during Apple's "One More Thing" event.

An unnamed device powered by the A14X Bionic chip was reportedly benchmarked in Geekbench 5, which was likely an engineering sample, according to Wccftech. In terms of single core performance, the A14X Bionic scored a 1634 and a 7220 in multi-core performance.

This was slightly ahead of the iPad Air powered by the A14 Bionic, which scored a 1583 in single-core and a 4198 in multi-core. 

Meanwhile, the big coup for the A14X Bionic was how it outperformed a 16-inch MacBook Pro powered by an Intel Core i9 CPU, which scored a 1096 in single-core performance and a 6869 in multi-core, which is a good bit behind the new Apple silicon.

titleLeaked Apple ARM CPU details show it beating Intel Core i9 16-inch MacBook Pro

More details revealed about Apple's A14X Bionic CPU

The new benchmark leak also reveals new details about Apple's new silicon. For one, the new A14X Bionic appears to be an eight-core processor, with a base clock of 1.80GHz, boostable to 3.10GHz.

This is the first time that an A-series CPU has surpassed the 3.0GHz threshold, so it's shaping up to be a powerful processor in its own right, even if its still far behind the clock speeds of the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Hopefully we'll learn more about the A14X Bionic itself during the November 10 event, though Apple is typically light on the technical details during their shows so it remains to be seen. Still, it's an exciting development and we'll be sure to keep on top of all the latest details in the days ahead. 

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