Amazon Super Bowl savings on soundbars from Sonos, Polk and Vizio

Super Bowl soundbar deals

The Super Bowl is now just a couple weeks away, and that means it's a great time to find savings on top brand TVs and home theater accessories.

Starting today, Amazon is having game day sale on its best-selling home theater speakers from brands such as Sonos, Polk, and Vizio. You can save up to $200 on top-quality soundbars and home theater systems that will fill your home with powerful sound and make you feel like you're at the big game.

A standout deal is the rarely discounted Sonos Playbar that's currently on sale for $599. That's the best price we've seen for this Amazon's Choice soundbar that delivers crisp and powerful sound from nine Amplified speaker drivers and can connect to any Alexa enabled device.

Sonos Playbar TV Soundbar $699 $599 at Amazon
Fill any room with theater-quality sound with the Sonos Playbar that's currently $100 off at Amazon. The soundbar features nine amplified speaker drivers and syncs wirelessly with other Sonos speakers.View Deal

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Super Bowl soundbar deals:

Sonos Sub Subwoofer $699 $599 at Amazon
Save $100 on the Sonos sub that will add deep and powerful bass to any Sonos wireless speaker. This slim subwoofer offers two force-canceling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face that result in rich sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle.View Deal

Sonos Beam Smart TV Soundbar $399 $349 at Amazon
Save $50 on the Beam smart TV soundbar that's Alexa enabled so you can stream music, movies or TV shows with the command of your voice. You can also connect your Sonos speakers in different rooms to create a home sound system.View Deal

Sonos Playbase TV Stand Soundbar $699 $599 at Amazon
The Sonos Playbase delivers full-theater sound for TVs on stands and furniture. The Playbase features a custom-built 10-speaker array that provides powerful audio and can also stream music wirelessly.View Deal

Polk Audio Home Theater System $599 $399 at Amazon
Save $200 on this Polk home theater system that includes a max sound bar, wireless subwoofer and two wireless surround speakers. The Polk home theater system will fill your home with dynamic surround sound, and the Google Chromecast feature will allow you to play music with the command of your voice.View Deal

Vizio Premium Home Theater Sound System $799.99 $699.99 at Amazon
Save $100 on the Vizio home theater system that includes a wireless subwoofer to deliver deep bass and a five-channel sound bar that offers crystal clear immersive sound. You can also stream music from any Chromecast-enabled audio app and use your voice to control the soundbar. View Deal