Amazon Prime to show 20 Premier League fixtures - and you can watch them all for free

live stream premier league football on Amazon Prime video
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Prepare to set your time machine for early 1992, as top flight English football is about to return to your screens without costing you a penny – and no, we're not counting those grainy live streams you find on Reddit.

Ok, so it will only be for 20 games in December and you'll need to take out an Amazon Prime free trial (if you're not already subscribed), but Premier League football!

It was announced last year that Amazon Prime Video had bought the rights to show a number of games in the 2019/2020 EFL season. We now know that the TV streaming service has exclusive rights to show all 10 fixtures across December 3-5 and in the traditional Boxing Day slot. Between them, they include some tasty fixtures, such as Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur and the Merseyside derby.

Football for free

That's fantastic news if you already pay the £7.99 per month for a Prime membership (super handy with the Prime Day sales extravaganza just around the corner).

But, if you've never been a Prime member before, you can take the opportunity to time a 30-day free trial at the start of December and get all 20 matches without paying a single penny. You may even discover that it's useful for your Christmas shopping around that time.

And, if you're cursing your luck because you've booked yourself a Christmas-time holiday, there's still a way to watch. Grab yourself a VPN and then login to Amazon Prime Video as if you were back in the UK.