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Amazon Echo now supports IFTTT commands in the UK

Whether you're booking an Uber, kicking off a Christmas playlist or looking up culinary recipes, Amazon Echo is already grabbing the voice-controlled headlines. 

But, in the UK at least, there's been a giant hole in its arsenal of voice-app "Skills", and that's IFTTT integration. But that all changes today - a year after its US launch, the programming recipe service is now available in the UK.

With IFTTT supported by so many other devices, that essentially puts Alexa and Echo right into the heart of the connected home.

Cooking up the connected home

If you've never tried IFTTT before, it's a really powerful tool. Interacting with everything from smart thermostats to lightbulbs and even online services like Evernote, it lets you set rules to activate functions in devices and apps.

So, for instance, you could make IFTTT talk to your Philips Hue bulbs and your Spotify app, dimming the lights automatically when you ask the app to play your "Sexytime" playlist. You're limited pretty much by your imagination.

Want to give it a go? Head over to the Alexa channel for IFTTT - you'll then need to follow the simple instructions to link all your devices together.