Amazon discounts Echo and Echo Dot for a limited time after Google Home launches in India

Following the Google Home launch in India, rival Amazon is now offering a discount on their Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers.

If customers purchase two Amazon Echo Dot speakers in the same order, they can avail Rs 1000 off on the total bill. Similarly, upon buying two Amazon Echo speakers, customers can avail a discount of Rs 3000 on total bill. 

Unfortunately, there’s no such offer on the bigger Amazon Echo Plus. The limited time discount has been rolled out soon after Google Home and Home Mini’s entry into the Indian market. 

Currently, the Amazon Echo competes against the Google Home Mini, and both the smart speakers are priced at Rs 4,499.

The Amazon Echo competes with the Google Home, which also shares the same price tag of Rs 9,999.

Upon availing this offer, customers can get two Amazon Echo speakers for Rs 16,998, which usually costs you Rs 19,998. 

A pair of the smaller Echo Dot speakers, will cost you Rs 7,998, compared to the usual Rs 8,998 you would normally end up paying.

This is undoubtedly a great deal for those looking to buy them, but it does not make any sense to buy two smart speakers until you are using it in different rooms. Still, if you and a friend want to step into the world of smart speakers, this deal is good enough to score one.

Sudhanshu Singh

Sudhanshu Singh have been working in tech journalism as a reporter, writer, editor, and reviewer for over 5 years. He has reviewed hundreds of products ranging across categories and have also written opinions, guides, feature articles, news, and analysis. Ditching the norm of armchair journalism in tech media, Sudhanshu dug deep into how emerging products and services affect actual users, and what marks they leave on our cultural landscape.
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