Aftershokz launches new budget-friendly bone-conduction running headphones

Aftershokz OpenMove
(Image credit: Aftershokz)

Aftershokz, the biggest name in bone conduction headphones, has released a new Bluetooth headset aimed at runners on a budget.

Whereas the company's latest headset, the Aftershokz Aeropex, went on sale last year for $159.95 / £149.95 (about AU$240) the Aftershokz OpenMove costs just £79.95 (about $100 / AU$140).

The OpenMove has a slightly chunkier looking design than the company's more expensive headsets, but is still very light; at 29g, it sits just in between the Trekz Air and Aeropex.

Battery life is impressive as well – Aftershokz claims up to six hours of continuous play, and standby time of up to 10 days.

Listen up

Because bone conduction headphones sit on your cheekbones rather than inside your ears, they don't block out sound from your environment, meaning they're a safer choice for working out or walking in busy locations where you need to be aware of people and vehicles around you.

For occasions when you want some time to yourself (on public transport, for example) the OpenMove comes with an 'ear-plug mode', plus a pair of specially designed washable ear-plugs for noise cancelling.

The OpenMove's standard mode is intended for listening to music while remaining aware of your surroundings, while 'Human Voice' is intended for listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

The OpenMove is available to buy now directly from Aftershokz, with other retailers to follow shortly. We'll be rounding up all the best prices from around the web as soon as it's more widely available, and will bring you a full review very soon.

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