A new TicWatch Pro with added 4G looks to be coming

Image credit: TechRadar

2018’s TicWatch Pro is a great smartwatch, with one of its few flaws being the lack of a 4G/LTE version, but it looks like that could be solved, as Mobvoi seems to be planning a new TicWatch Pro with 4G included.

While not yet official, an image briefly appeared on Mobvoi’s (the maker of TicWatch products) website, complete with the text “The new TicWatch Pro” and “Powered by Verizon.” That last bit is what suggests that it supports 4G, as otherwise it wouldn’t be powered by a mobile network.

The image – which was saved by DigitalTrends – also shows a watch that looks a lot like the current TicWatch Pro, though the two buttons on the edge possibly look a bit different.

Image credit: Mobvoi / Digital Trends

Image credit: Mobvoi / Digital Trends (Image credit: Mobvoi)

Given the similar design and that it’s not called the TicWatch Pro 2 there’s a high chance that little if anything is changing, other than 4G being added. But we can’t be certain for now.

While it would be nice to get some other new features and improvements, there’s already a lot to like in the TicWatch Pro, including a clever dual-screen that lets it switch between a full smartwatch OLED display and a low-power LCD one for basic timekeeping.

While Mobvoi clearly didn’t mean to post this image yet it’s likely that the new TicWatch Pro will be officially announced soon, so we should know more before long. We’ll be sure to update you once we do.

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