7 new shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus this weekend

The Haunting of Bly Manor
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If you're looking for streaming recommendations this weekend, we've rounded up what's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus below. We've selected a broad variety of movies and TV shows that are worth checking out over the next few days – and there really is something for everyone, from children to adults looking to be scared senseless by a new horror series.

This week's round-up includes The Haunting of Bly Manor, Netflix's long-awaited follow-up series to Hill House, and two new Blumhouse movies that have just dropped on Amazon Prime Video. As the immediate future of theatrical movies looks doubtful, streaming really is where it's at for the time being – and none of the big services are letting up for new shows and movies.

Here's what you can stream this weekend. 

The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix)

The Haunting of Bly Manor is the follow-up season to The Haunting of Hill House – it takes the anthology show approach of some of the same actors playing different characters, only in a different story. If you're done with Ratched, Mike Flanagan's series is as high-end as TV horror gets. While Hill House was based on the book of the same name by Shirley Jackson, Bly Manor is instead based partly on Henry James' The Turn of the Screw. 

Critics like it – this season is apparently strangely romantic compared to its predecessor. Definitely the one to check out this weekend. 

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The Forty-Year-Old Version (Netflix)

The Forty-Year-Old Version is about a struggling playwright who, mocked by her students for her lack of success, decides to reinvent herself as a rapper before she turns 40. It won a directing award at Sundance earlier this year, and holds an extremely impressive 98% positive reviews on Twitter. The trailer makes it look poignant but very funny – well worth checking out this weekend, as long as the thought of underachieving at 40 doesn't hit too close to home. 

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Hubie Halloween (Netflix)

So begins the long wait for another great Adam Sandler movie, following this year's release of Uncut Gems on Netflix. Hubie (Adam Sandler) is a man who fears spooky things – but when real horrors overcome his hometown of Salem, Massachussetts, he does his best to save them. Steven Brill, Sandler's long-time collaborator on the likes of Little Nicky and Mr Deeds, directs. 

TechRadar's Adam Vjestica has seen 50% of Hubie Halloween and had this to say about it: "I've watched half of the new Adam Sandler Halloween film and I'm sad to say it's not very good." So, there you have it. The verdict

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Fast and Furious: Spy Racers season 2 (Netflix)

Fast and Furious 9 is now delayed by more than a year until next summer. Spy Racers doesn't quite scratch the same itch as the Fast and Furious movies – it's very much made for kids – but it's technically linked to the larger series in that it features Tony Toretto, the younger cousin of Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto. This season sees Tony and pals head down to Rio de Janeiro, a location synonymous with Fast Five, the best movie of the series. 

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Welcome to the Blumhouse (Amazon Prime Video)

In time for Halloween, Amazon has commissioned the horror specialists at Blumhouse to produce four original films for the streaming service. Two – Black Box and The Lie – are available now, while the other two, Evil Eye and Nocturne, are streaming from October 13. With theater chains closing in some parts of the world, perhaps this will keep you going until they're open again.

Black Box is about is about a single father who loses his memory, after a car accident that claimed the life of his wife. He opts for treatment that will reverse his condition so he can continue caring for his daughter – it involves wearing a headset called a 'Black Box' which reconnects his memories, but at a cost. 

The Lie, meanwhile, directed by The Killing's Veena Sud, is about two parents who try to cover up their daughter's murder of her best friend. Naturally, keeping that secret means paying a price. Cheerful stuff.

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The Boys season 2 finale (Amazon Prime Video)

The Boys season 2 ends this weekend. The weekly rollout of episodes has had its benefits – it means that cliffhangers have had a little more impact when you need to wait for seven days, particularly when The Boys has insisted on using exploding heads as a plot device this year. Season 3 is already confirmed, so you won't have to wait forever to hear more of Karl Urban's ludicrous, dodgy cockney accent, and to see Homelander committing more heinous acts towards mankind. 

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The Right Stuff (Disney Plus)

It's been hard to work out Disney's strategy around live-action shows outside of Star Wars and Marvel – but The Right Stuff offers a clue. Originally destined for National Geographic's cable network in the US, it's a series about America's long journey into space, based on Tom Wolfe's book of the same name. In this first season, seven test pilots each compete to be the first into space amid the Cold War – the cast includes the likes of Patrick J Adams (Suits) and Aaron Staton (Mad Men, LA Noire). The first two episodes are available now, with the rest streaming weekly.

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