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CyberGhost for Netflix: does it work, how good is it and where to start

CyberGhost for Netflix
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Why would you need CyberGhost for Netflix? Well, one of the things that makes the streaming service so popular is the fact it offers such a large streaming library. In addition to this, new TV shows, documentaries, movies, and other types of content are always arriving on the platform.

However, despite providing such a diverse range of content, Netflix imposes geo-restrictions on much of it due to licensing agreements with producers - it's no wonder that VPN use has become so widely-used! As a result, you might have experienced a time when a specific TV show or movie wasn’t available to stream in your area. Or perhaps you’ve traveled abroad and been unable to watch shows from back home.

Both of these issues are very frustrating, but you can circumvent geo-restrictions and access any Netflix library by using a virtual private network. With a large global server network and lots of great features, CyberGhost seems like an obvious Netflix VPN for subscribers.

While using a VPN service like CyberGhost for streaming has many advantages, you’re probably wondering how this works and where to get started. To help you get the most out of CyberGhost for Netflix, we’ve answered all those questions and more below. 

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What can I do with CyberGhost for Netflix?

VPN uses are many and varied, but we'd argue that their biggest capability is allowing users to evade the geo-restrictions often imposed on major streaming platforms like Netflix and their large streaming catalogs.

CyberGhost, in particular, is a generally excellent streaming VPN because it offers more than 6,000 servers across 90 countries. By connecting to one of them, you can in theory browse Netflix’s international streaming libraries. So, when you go abroad for work or on holiday, you can stream your favorite Netflix shows and movies as though you were back home.

As well as being able to access the best streaming content when you’re abroad, you can also use CyberGhost to watch a show or movie that isn’t being streamed in your region or country. To do this, you simply need to find a VPN server in the location where the content is available to stream, connect to it, and finally load up Netflix. 

Using CyberGhost for Netflix will also provide an extra layer of protection against issues like bandwidth throttling, which can slow down your streaming experience when left unprotected. Plus, you’ll benefit from all the privacy and security advantages of a VPN, with all your internet traffic going through encrypted servers when your VPN is switched on.

CyberGhost for Netflix: does it work?

For anyone considering signing up for a VPN service, it’s definitely important to check if the provider works with Netflix. Otherwise, it won’t be useful for streaming.

In testing for our CyberGhost VPN review, we successfully accessed the full US library when connected to a server stateside. What’s also useful is that CyberGhost provides a wide range of streaming-optimized servers, so you should always be able to access Netflix as a CyberGhost user. And connection speeds are rapid, too, which should mean that you don't get struck any dreaded buffering when you're watching that latest blockbuster release.

CyberGhost also provides multi-platform apps, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, a 7-device usage policy, a choice of protocols, and a 45-day money back guarantee if you're not impressed with what you see.

But if the Netflix show you're after is on an entirely different catalog around the world, you may have less luck. In our latest round of Netflix testing, we found that CyberGhost struggled to let us see exclusive content in territories like the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan.

So it seems CyberGhost is no silver bullet and falls short of what the likes of ExpressVPN and NordVPN are offering. We'd recommend choosing one of our best Netflix VPN choices if you want full access to every show around the world.

How to use CyberGhost for Netflix 

While CyberGhost is a solid streaming VPN, you probably want to know what steps you'll need to take for accessing Netflix via this provider. And you’ll be happy to learn that it’s a really straightforward process. 

If you don’t already have a CyberGhost subscription, you’ll need to sign up for one via its official website (opens in new tab). After doing that, the next step will be to download the CyberGhost app onto your streaming device and set it up. 

Once you’ve installed and set up the CyberGhost app, you just need to connect to a VPN server in the country where you’d like to watch Netflix. As soon as you’ve found and connected to a server, you can open up the Netflix app and stream your favorite content - bearing in mind the caveats noted above, of course.

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If you’ve never used a VPN service before, one question that might be on your mind is whether or not these services are actually legal. Unless you live in a country with strict online censorship laws (such as China, Russia, and many Middle Eastern countries), then you don't need to worry about VPNs being against the law. 

Rest assured, the vast majority of countries haven’t issued bans on the use of VPNs. As a result, most people will be able to use CyberGhost for Netflix legally. But something to bear in mind is that Netflix and many other streaming companies aren’t supporters of VPN services due to the challenges they pose to content licensing agreements. 

In fact, using CyberGhost for Netflix would technically go against its terms and conditions. As you can see below, Netflix doesn’t give subscribers permission to access its platform via a VPN: 

You also agree not to circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade or thwart any of the content protections in the Netflix service; use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Netflix service... We may terminate or restrict your use of our service if you violate these Terms of Use or are engaged in illegal or fraudulent use of the service.

With more people using VPNs to access streaming services than ever, Netflix has identified this issue and is constantly working hard to prevent their usage by subscribers. But despite Netflix clamping down on VPNs, the top services continue to work perfectly with the streaming giant. This comes down to the fact that they're constantly setting up new streaming-optimized servers. 

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