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Teufel Concept C300 review

The Teufel Concept C300 delivers excellent sound without the clutter of unnecessary wires

Teufel Concept C300
A pricey set of PC speakers, but one that offers excellent sound quality


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good subwoofer
  • Wireless connection to PC


  • No speaker cable included
  • Fussy setup

Teufel is a speaker specialist that's been making top quality PC speakers for a while, and the Concept C300 is its latest attempt at 2.1 wireless sound.

Teufel's years of expertise were evident as soon as we removed the two satellite speakers from the box. They're very well constructed and designed, and made with real care and attention.

When it comes to how free of wires these speakers are, like most 'wireless' speakers this just refers just to the connection to the PC. There are still wires linking the speakers and subwoofer.

Setting them up involves wiring the satellites to the subwoofer with speaker wires rather than simply plugging them in. It doesn't help that the speaker wire isn't included, necessitating a trip to a specialist hi-fi shop before you get started.

These certainly aren't the cheapest PC speakers or the simplest to set up, but once you've plugged them in the expense and work are justified – these speakers sound amazing. Low and high frequencies are reproduced flawlessly and small details in music tracks we've heard hundreds of times were revealed, breathing new life into well-worn songs.

The subwoofer performs incredibly well during movies and games, giving a strong bass presence without drowning out the other sounds. This is a big investment, but if you have the money you won't be disappointed.

The supplied remote control is rather simple, comprising just five buttons: power, input, bass and two volume controls. It looks great, but it's not the most convenient of controls – especially considering the lack of any visual indication of how loud the sound or bass volume is – you just have to go by ear.

The Teufel Concept C300 might be expensive, but its superb sound quality puts it ahead of competitors like the Creative Zii Sound T6.

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