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Logitech Cordless Desktop LX 700 review

Makes Windows XP an all-singing, all-dancing media centre

Our Verdict

Ignore the desktop reference: this is ideal for living rooms

Logitech must think that there should be some correlation between cost and the size of the box, with the LX 700 shipping with more clean air than any other setup here. This works against Logitech as you feel like you're being duped before you even plug it in. Thankfully, this apprehension soon subsides.

The most obvious aspect of the keyboard is its size: this isn't a solution for tiny desks or messy typists. It's also not a keyboard for those that are used to standard-sized function keys, as these are even smaller than those on some laptops. On a more positive note function keys are rarely used, which is probably the reason why Logitech recommends changing their use. The first eight of these have been set up as quick-launch keys for applications and common functions, while the last four are programmable to your own tastes.

Above and to the left of the standard layout you'll find a selection of buttons, wheels and scroll rockers that are designed to make accessing and controlling films, pictures and music that little bit more straightforward. The accompanying MediaLife software compliments such input impressively, equipping normal copies of Windows XP with media player capabilities, complete with a easy-to-navigate interface.

The media-savvy side of this keyboard is its best feature, and should appeal to those looking for a keyboard that can be used in the living room. The cordless mouse is comfortable and precise too, although beyond the recharging caddy it's really the keyboard that's the star here. It's a shame it's so expensive really, but then in the right setup it's going to be worth it. Alan Dexter