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AJP M555N review

An all-rounder that won't let you down

The chassis is well-designed and ergonomically usable

Our Verdict

A middle-of-the-road choice that fails to stand out from the crowd


  • Has no obvious chinks in its armour


  • Doesn't excel in any one area

Based in the UK, AJP is known for supplying well-specified laptops at affordable prices, such as the M555N (£799 inc. VAT). Decent mobility is provided by the 335 x 277 x 43mm chassis. Its weight of 2.7kg is in keeping with its dimensions and offers a degree of portability. A battery life, under test, of 197 minutes provides over three hours mobile use.

The chassis is well-designed and ergonomically usable. Slanting forwards to a depth of just 20mm with the screen open, the keyboard is nicely angled for comfortable typing. The keys bounce slightly during use, but are responsive. The board spans 300mm of the chassis width, so space is at a premium. Quick access keys below the screen allow for easy use of email and Internet software.

Dual-core power is provided by an Intel Core Duo T2400 processor, but performance failed to meet expectations. With a MobileMark 2005 score of 190 points, the AJP provides competent power, but little more. Graphics are basic, but adequate for all but 3D tasks. The 15-inch TFT screen makes it one of few laptops these days not to use a 16:9 widescreen design, but general use and viewing DVDs are comfortable thanks to the 1,400 x 1,050 pixel SXGA resolution.

Impressive for a budget laptop, high-speed networks can be configured with ease. 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet are both in place. A 1.3-megapixel camera is fitted above the screen and marks another nice touch for this affordable laptop. While no significant flaws affect the AJP, it also fails to provide any outstanding selling points. Performance and usability are proficient, but bettered by other laptops.