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Xiaomi rolls out PatchWall 3.0 update for Mi Smart TVs - here's what you get

Mi TV 4X 55-inch 2020 Edition
(Image credit: Xiaomi India)
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Xiaomi has just announced  that the PatchWall 3.0 update for all Smart TVs has started rolling out in India. The company said the basic principle behind the update on PatchWall is to make TV viewing an intuitive experience.

The new update brings features and upgrades that was not there before. The new content and features being added with this update include an updated user centre and an immersive carousel.

Brings new features on Smart TVs

Designed specifically for the Indian market, Xiaomi claims that the PatchWall interface brings together more than 23 content partners, both Indian and global to its content library. It has content available in more than 16 languages. The new PatchWall update brings three new features including an immersive carousel, User Centre and Live TV. 

The new update brings a dedicated User Centre that acts as a personal hub for users. With the plethora of streaming content options available, Xiaomi says the User Centre creates a unique personalized space besides acting as a hub for unique features such as ‘My Watchlist’ that lets you watch all your favourite content across apps and discover it via the User Centre page. 

My Watchlist also allows you to continue playing your last watched content and easy navigation to your wishlist or your subscribed OTT platforms. The personal hub also showcases the content that is trending, upcoming, and the one that is currently available on PatchWall.

The PatchWall 3.0 update brings an immersive carousel that makes the title posters visually appealing. Also, users can browse through a list of recommendations of similar content in tune with the current content they are watching on the carousel.

Mi TV PatchWall introduced a Live TV section with Live News and this has now been extended to feature linear channels as well. The catalogue of new live TV service providers includes live content from Hungama, ABP, Republic TV, EpicOn, Hoichoi and SunNXT. The regional channels include SunNXT umbrella with Gemini, Surya, Udaya, Sun and KTV offering movies and shows in four Southern languages.

The Live content has been categorized under seven sections on the Live Channels namely Live News, Free to Watch, Live Music, Watch in HD, Comedy Anytime, and Explore More.

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