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OLED screen shrunk to size of grain of rice

It's hard to see, but Rohm's tiny OLED display is a potential boon for optics designers.

Giant displays, wafer-thin screens and cutting-edge future display materials are all very well, but few are as downright startling as the tiny full-colour OLED screen recently developed by Rohm Japan.

At just 4mm x 3mm, the prototype organic display is far too small to view without a magnifying glass, yet it can show fully detailed images across its 320x240 pixels.

Er, what's it for?

Naturally, one might wonder what the point is of such a small screen, but pop it behind a viewing lens in a camera or camcorder and there's your next-generation viewfinder and solution to some complex optical problems in designing modern imaging equipment.

According to PC World, Rohm isn't quite ready to sell the mini screen to device manufacturers yet, but that hasn't stopped it moving on to ramp up the R&D work to create a device with twice the resolution.