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Blu-ray sales top Amazon charts for the first time

Blu is the colour at the top of Amazon's sales charts

Promising news for anyone with a vested interest in the success of Blu-ray comes from Japan in the shape of Amazon's most recent sales figures from there.

A press release detailing disk sales for the six months to 31 May 2008 shows that Blu-ray (BD) is outperforming DVD on, the localised branch of the US retail giant.

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Visuals to the fore

The best-seller for the period was Resident Evil - Trilogy Box from Sony, which came out simultaneously on both BD and DVD, although BD sales significantly outperformed DVD sales.

Amazon goes on to explain: "Many software manufactures consider that 'action' is the genre that can make the most of BD. The BD share is expected to grow among new titles especially in this genre from now on."

It's clear that image-intensive films, such as action and animation, are likely to benefit most from the high-definition boom. Of the top ten on Amazon's half-year chart, six were Japanese animation, or 'anime'.

The Amazon release concludes, "BD's high definition has greatly improved the reproducibility of details and is enchanting anime fans who put weight on image quality."