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Snokor iRocker Gods TWS launched in India at Rs 1,999

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Snokor which is an audio sub-brand of Hong Kong-based smartphone maker Infinix, launched a new iRocker Gods TWS in India. The True Wireless Stereo earphones are designed on the same lines as the Apple Airpods.

Besides the Snokor iRocker Gods TWS, the company has also introduced a pair of wired earphones in India recently. The pair of wired earphones are named Bass Drops which come with budget pricing.

The Infinix Snokor iRocker Gods truly wireless earbuds are available at a price of Rs 1,999 and will go on sale starting October 15 on Flipkart.

Snokor iRocker Gods TWS: Features

The Snokor iRocker Gods TWS will be available in India in a classic white variant. They feature a 13mm Dynamic bass boost driver and are equipped with high fidelity speakers. The speakers are made out of a PU and titanium magnet. On the inside, they feature an ATS 3015 chip.

The earbuds also come equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and feature single or double earphone mode. Meanwhile, the earbud case comes with a button that can allow the users to connect to a new device with a double click and clear any paired list of devices with a long press for 10 seconds.

The Snokor iRocker Gods TWS earbuds weigh 4.2 grams each. These are IPX5 sweatproof and dustproof which is useful when it comes to exercising. iRocker Gods feature Intelligent touch Control that allows the users to tap once for play/pause and twice for going to the next song. 

They also have Google and SIRI voice assistant support. The earbuds allow them to control their phones using simple voice commands. Users need to double-tap to activate the voice assistant. Meanwhile, for calling, they can tap on either of the buds once to answer the call and double-tap to reject or end the call. The earbuds also have a dedicated gaming mode that can be activated by tapping three times. This reduces the latency to 60ms which helps synchronization between audio and visuals.

The LED charging cradle is equipped with 500mAh while the earbuds come with 35mAh batteries. This offers up to 24 hours of playtime, the case can get fully charged at in 2 hours whereas the earbuds can replenish its battery in just one hour. In a single charge, the earbuds can offer up to 4 hours of music playtime and up to 4 hours of talktime.

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