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JBL On Call 5310 mobile phone speaker dock

The JBL On Call 5310 is the first speaker dock for Nokia phones

JBL has launched what it says is the world's first iPod dock-style speaker system for mobile phones. The JBL On Call 5310 system allows MP3 tracks stored on the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone to be played out through some nice two-channel speakers.

It features two 3-watt Odyssey transducers, an integrated amplifier and a computer-controlled equalizer. While it's obviously not the most powerful speaker dock we've ever seen, it's very cool that it's designed for the Nokia phone instead of the Apple iPod.

It also runs on four AA batteries, which will provide up to six hours of music-listening pleasure, so the system is ideal for travelling with - although not as ideal as the phone itself, obviously.

The JBL On Call 5310 system will be available at a price of around £67 in November.

James Rivington

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