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Lollipop ladies get videocam headsets

Headcams and lolly-cams are being introduced to combat road rage attacks on Britain's lollipop ladies

Britain’s army of lollipop ladies are set to get video ‘headcams’ to combat the growing problem of road rage attacks.

Additionally, lollipop sticks will be kitted out with in-built cameras to capture any problems for use as evidence in court, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the report, around 1,400 incidents of road rage attacks on our beloved lollipop ladies were reported last year, with numerous lollipop staff even requiring hospital treatment after being hit by irate drivers.

Kids at risk

"It's unbelievable that we have to take this action, but the lives of children are at risk from increasing numbers of drivers," said David Sparks of the Local Government Association's transport board.

"Drivers are so selfish that they are willing to put lives at risk by refusing to stop for 30 seconds at a school crossing…. Motorists need to be made aware that they are committing a criminal offence and we hope this new technology will prove an effective deterrent."

The camera poles, costing £890, have been developed by Oxfordshire-based company Routesafe.