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MySpace and Skype form partnership

MySpace users will be given the chance to link their profiles to their own Skype accounts while making voice chat calls

MySpaceIM, a messaging client that helps connect MySpace users, could be about to receive an update. According to reports, MySpace and Skype are set to announce that Skype will be the exclusive provider of voice chat services for the social network's IM client.

Through this deal, MySpace users will be given the opportunity to link their profiles to their own Skype accounts, while making voice chat calls. Interestingly enough, the service will allow users to place calls through either MySpaceIM or the Skype client, and any members of either service can be reached.

For those with 'private' MySpace profiles, the only phone calls that can be received will be from people on their friends list. Besides that, the service will ostensibly be available in the twenty countries where MySpace has "localised communities."

A press release sent by both companies shed light on the deal and highlighted the immense number of users included in the partnership.

The companies explained that, "with more than 110 million monthly active MySpace users and 220 million Skype registered users around the world, this partnership connects two of the most popular communications platforms on the internet to create the world's largest online, voice-connected community."

One obvious issue is that most MySpace users do not use MySpaceIM. According to recent figures, the social networking site has only been able to coax 25 million people to download the chat client. Worse, MySpace users are continuing to lose interest, instead gaining interest in rival Facebook.

There is currently no word on when the companies will unveil the new partnership. But many are speculating that the launch will occur on Wednesday in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Summit where MySpace is expected to make an announcement.