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Samsung promises Android for less than £60

Samsung to unleash super cheap Android mobiles
Samsung to unleash super cheap Android mobiles

Samsung's latest trick is to announce it will be bringing a whole host of Android phones to market for under $100 (£60).

While the firm was announcing the Reclaim, an environmentally friendly phone made of corn-based bioplastic, Casey Ryan, Samsung's product manager for the Reclaim, stated that there were other devices on the horizon.

He said that in 2010 the Korean firm would be unleashing a whole host of touchscreen phones on the Android OS, capable of full web browsing for 'well under' the $100 mark.

Early success

While Android has enjoyed success in its first year in mobile phones, it's primarily seen that joy from HTC phones, namely the G1, the Magic and the Hero.

Samsung will be the next major player to market an Android phone with the i7500 Galaxy later this month, although this will likely cost around £500.

The Galaxy Lite, AKA the i5700, has been confirmed on selected sites, but is unlikely to plumb the price point depths mentioned here, so Samsung is clearly looking to unleash more models in the coming months.

Given the open source nature of Android, it's likely that cheap mobiles running the OS (with access to the Market application store) will be a big hit, and Samsung is looking to be a big player in this area.

Via NY Times