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Powermat to bring wireless charging to UK cars

Hopefully cases will become a thing of the past
Hopefully cases will become a thing of the past

Powermat has announced a new partnership with General Motors that will see wireless charging make its way to Ford, Vauxhall and Saab cars in Europe.

Wireless in-car charging will debut in the US in the Chevrolet Volt and will be making its way to European motors at some point.

Although timescales are vague, Powermat tells us that the technology could be available in the UK by the end of this year.


The company has also announced that it will be working with Qualcomm to develop the technology needed for consumers to use a Powermat case with other brands' mats, or vice versa.

Over in Vegas, the wireless charging company is also showing off how it has integrated Powermats into objects around the home, including furniture and white goods.

We can look forward to some new products from Powermat in the coming months; from in-car charging to new Powermats in various colours and a super-thin laptop electronics package.

Hopefully we'll also be seeing a range of phones with Powermat inside, completely doing away with the need for an external case, as promised by the company last year.

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