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Packard Bell warns of battery fire hazard

Packard Bell issues battery recall
Packard Bell issues battery recall

Packard Bell has recalled batteries contained in a number of its EasyNote laptop range after it was found they posed a fire risk.

Batteries used in the EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51 and MX52 notebooks are apparently at the heart of the problem.

Packard Bell is pointing out that this recall is entirely voluntary, and urges users of these models to seek assistance after it was found that internal short circuiting could cause overheating and / or fire.

Take your time

It seems like this problem has taken a while to manifest, as the laptops in questions were sold only in the second half of the year. But Packard Bell is keen to point out there have been no injuries thus far, as well as no risk of electrocution.

Here's what the company is suggesting you should do if you own one of the above models (assuming you haven't run around in a blind panic having read the first sentence):

"End-users of EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51 and MX52 notebook computers should visit the company's website at or contact Packard Bell's service hotline at 0871 467 0008 to determine if their computer is affected by this recall.

"Additionally, as a precautionary measure, users of the affected computers should remove the battery pack and operate the computer via the power cord."

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