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Orange iPhone deal: O2 responds

The iPhone 3GS - no longer an exclusive in the UK
The iPhone 3GS - no longer an exclusive in the UK

O2 has responded to the news that Orange will be stocking the iPhone by confirming it will continue to stock the device.

"We're proud that we've been able to offer an exclusive iPhone deal to our 20 million customers for the last two years. We always knew that iPhone exclusivity was for a limited period of time, but our relationship with Apple continues and will be an ongoing success," an O2 spokesperson told TechRadar.

"We have over 1 million iPhone customers and they remain very important to us.

"We aim to offer our customers the best devices on the market, including becoming the home of Smartphones and we are really pleased to now add another device in the Palm Pre.

"We also offer award-winning customer service and benefits, which is why more people choose O2 than any other network in the UK."

Network blow

O2 has recently been under fire for failures in its data provision, and this new announcement will be another blow to the network as it's joined by Orange in stocking both the iPhone 3G and the 3GS.

The speculation regarding O2 losing exclusivity of its iPhone range has been rife for months, although it was expected that only the iPhone 3G would be offered to other carriers, with O2 retaining its status as the sole stocker of the 3GS.

O2 will still be the exclusive stockist of the new Palm Pre when it debuts in the UK next month, but given this is over 10 months since the device was announced it's not going to attract interest in the same way the iPhone has over the years.

We're still awaiting news on whether Orange will drop the price of the iPhone compared to O2, but we'll bring you news as and when we get it.

Gareth Beavis

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