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Nokia launches three new Symbian handsets

Nokia C2-06 - cheap and purple
Nokia C2-06 - cheap and purple

It wasn't all about the MeeGo-running N9 at Nokia's event earlier today; the Finnish phone company also took the opportunity to reveal three new cheap-and-cheerful Symbian handsets..

The three Series 40 phones, the Nokia C2-02 (below), Nokia C2-03 and Nokia C2-06, all come with "new, advanced web and maps" and are described as "affordability without compromise" in Nokia's press literature.

We're not so sure - coming with a touchscreen and a slide-out T9 keyboard, the Nokia C2-02 and C2-03 also offer a 2MP camera, which is pretty poor.

Nokia c2-02

Low cal

They also come with a stylus, which is a little bit of a worry on the touchscreen front; does this mean they're resistive? For €75 each (£65), we'd anticipate so.

The Nokia C2-06 has been a little more retiring on the spec-front, but it's a little more expensive (€80 / £71) so there could be a couple of improved features – hopefully not simply that it's available in a range of colours.

All that's left to say is that the UK release date for these cheap little handsets is yet to emerge, other than that they'll hit in Q3 this year – so any time between July and September.