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New waterproof, shock-proof iPhone cycle dock

Dahon's new Biologic iPhone case for cyclists is waterproof and shockproof
Dahon's new Biologic iPhone case for cyclists is waterproof and shockproof

If you are an iPhone user and a cyclist then the new waterproof and shockproof BioLogic bike mount iPhone dock from Dahon may well appeal.

It is, arguably, the ideal satellite navigation device for the well-equipped cyclist about town!

Not to mention being ideal for those that simply cannot stop taking and making calls on the go (top tip – if you really must play your music on the go and/or use the speaker phone to take that all-important call from your bank manager or your boss, please do it with the utmost care and consideration for your fellow road users.)

YouTube to go

You could also, if you were less inclined to take sufficient care of yourself (or other road users) even watch YouTube on the go. But don't. Seriously. Please don't!

Dahon's BioLogic iPhone case lets you pop your iPhone on your handlebars, safe in the knowledge that you won't smash it or that it won't be destroyed in the rain as you cycle to work.

The new iPhone cycle case also features a 360-degree swivel and is out in the US in January priced $60. TechRadar has spoken with the company's UK distributor and we are awaiting further details on UK pricing and availability.

If you also invest in a Dahon iPhone ReeCharge system, which powers up your iPhone from your bike's generator hub, you could even charge your phone as you enjoy your daily cycle!

Via Bike Hugger