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Smooth folding keyboard returns on slick UMPC

Samsung's SPH-P9200 features a keyboard that begs to be played with.

When we saw Samsung's tiny SPH-P9000 Windows XP UMPC / mobile phone combination back in April, we didn't expect to see a pumped-up successor arrive just a few months later.

According to reports, the SPH-P9200 is ready for market in Korea, with Samsung even having published the manual by mistake [PDF link; liable to be removed]. The device now runs Windows XP Home edition on a 1GHz Via C7-M processor, has 512MB of RAM and a 30GB hard drive.

Innovative input

Naturally, the much-talked-about fold-out sliding keyboard has been retained, which is sure to generate healthy sales among gadget heads looking for something a little different.

As before, the 560g P9200 is very much a VoIP-centric device, with three methods for getting online - Wi-Fi, WiMax and HSDPA connectivity all come as standard - in addition to a SIM card slot for mobile phone connectivity.

A five-inch screen, five-hour battery life, video-conferencing camera and slick white exterior complete a desirable little package, although there's no indication yet of whether Samsung will release it at closer to PDA prices or full-blown PC prices.