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Justin Timberlake hooks up with Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has teamed up with Justin Timberlake for a Walkman phone promotion with Vodafone

UK pop fans buying Sony Ericsson Walkman phones on Vodafone deals will be able to download exclusive Justin Timberlake tracks and other content - and possibly win a meeting with the pop star.

Sony Ericsson has signed up to a sponsorship deal with Timberlake for his 2007 European Future Sex/Love Show tour. Sony Ericsson has also tied up a deal with Vodafone for a joint mobile music campaign with the Cry Me a River singer to promote Sony Ericsson's Walkman handsets.

The campaign will cover the full range of Sony Ericsson Walkman phones carried on Vodafone live! Owners will be able to access a Wap site to stream four exclusive songs recorded live on the tour to their phones. More content, such as screensavers, ringtones and wallpapers will be added later in the year, including an exclusive remix of his hit Cry Me a River.

And to add an extra touch of excitement, Sony Ericsson will also be running competitions to win tickets for the tour, and for the chance to meet Justin Timberlake in person at exclusive Sony Ericsson parties.