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iPhone 4 tariffs now revealed by O2

The iPhone 4 prices revealed by O2
The iPhone 4 prices revealed by O2

O2 has finally announced the handset costs of the iPhone 4, and it's a little more expensive than its predecessor.

While it makes sense that the newer version of the iPhone, with HD video recording, sleeker frame and high resolution screen, would cost more, this is a move bound to spark ire among O2's Apple faithful.

Although it's difficult to compare like to like (or apples to... you get the picture) as this year sees unlimited texts with a data cap of 500MB - 1GB, which comes into force later this year.

Higher cost

But purely based on minutes, a one and a half year deal for the iPhone 4 16GB will cost between £30 and £65 a month, with the handset costing from free to £209.

The same plans last year ranged from £30 to £75, but the hands cost from free to only £185.

For the iPhone 4 16GB on a two year contract, the monthly cost from £25 to £60, with the phone costing from £279 to free.

The same last year for the 3GS was £35 to £75 with the phone only costing £88 on the cheapest deal.

iPhone 4 32GB

If you want more memory for your moolah, then the iPhone 4 32GB will cost between £25 and £60 per month on a 24 month deal (£35 and £75 for the 3GS) and the phone itself will cost between £323 and £29 (from free to £180 the year before).

For an 18 month deal, the tariffs costs between £30 and £65, with the phone costing from £29 to £299, with last year's tariffs costing from £35 to £75, and the handset costing between £100 and £280.

Got that? No, us neither... head on over to our iPhone 4 price tariffs page to help make more sense of things.