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Google: We're going to invest heavily in Moto phones

Google: We're going to invest heavily in Moto phones

Google's chairman Eric Schmidt has outlined Big G's plans for the newly-acquired Motorola brand.

Speaking at Google's Big Tent conference, he said that this was Google's realisation of an ambition to start mixing it with handset providers:

"As you know, we announced it last August. We wanted a stake in a hardware business. We closed this morning in Chicago - that's around right now, so we're going to meet with the staff. "

There were rumours that the acquisition was simply Google's method of getting its hands on oodles of patents in the current litigation war going on between handset manufacturers and that the hardware arm was going to be sold off.

Moto now, Moto forever

Schmidt has now stated that this will not be the case, with the search giant having big plans for the brand, which will continue under the Moto name:

"As part of that we're going to announce the things we're going to do but for your purposes there will be more investment in Motorola devices under the Motorola brand and a lot more investment in Android."

So hopefully this will be the end of the terrible fragmentation that Motorola devices have suffered – many Moto phones are still running last generation Android versions, so it seems that's going to change in the very near future.