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Farmville and Guitar Hero come to the iPhone

The new iPhone 4 comes with cool new apps
The new iPhone 4 comes with cool new apps

Those of you that love to tell your friends that you've managed to do something to a sheep via the magic of Farmville will be thrilled to learn you can now do the same from your iPhone.

Taking advantage of the iPhone's push capabilities (for updates about withering crops) and application interface, Zynga has developed a version of the popular app for Apple's phone.

Farmville currently has 70 million users worldwide, and the new application will allow you 'to farm anywhere, anytime' according to the creator.

Available from the end of June, there's currently no word on pricing.

Rock out on the tube

Guitar Hero is also making its debut, and it's pretty much the same experience as you'd find on other portable devices.

Elements like "new tapping mechanics, richer guitar experience and a new strumming system," according to Karthik Bala of Activision.

The application is available now, costing $2.99 from the App Store - we're still waiting for UK pricing or release dates.

Watch more stuff on the go

Another little treat, sadly for our US cousins only at the moment, is the addition of Netflix to the App Store.

Users will be able to watch movies on the iPhone, as a free application, and synchronises across platforms like the Xbox and iPad once logged into your account.

You'll also be able to watch the films over a 3G stream, with the quality automatically updating as your network will allow.