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Ballmer promises Zune integration in Windows Mobile 7

Windows Mobile 7 - will it be awesome with Zune power?
Windows Mobile 7 - will it be awesome with Zune power?

Steve Ballmer has been chatting about all things Windows, and has confirmed that we'll see Zune elements in the new Windows Mobile 7 OS.

We're still waiting for the official video of the full interview by Engadget, but Unwired View has reported that Ballmer confirmed Zune for the new OS.

This means that the company is likely doing away with the mobile version of Windows Media Player (which isn't the best, if we're honest) and porting in the touch-friendly interface.

Taking on Android

It also means that the new OS is likely to be a lot more consumer-focused - so what other elements will Microsoft be bringing? We're hoping that it properly takes on Android with integrated social networking - the new MS ads seem to hint that's the direction the company is taking.

And in related news, new screenshots have leaked out of a new UI for Windows Mobile - there's some debate whether they're an upgraded version of WinMo 6.5 or the new OS coming next year.

Windows mobile 6.5 calendar

Windows mobile 6.5 call

Either way, the improvements over the disastrous Windows Mobile touch menus now are much needed - despite Microsoft's protests WinMo 6.5 is a lot more touch friendly there's still a huge amount of 'angled-fingernail-prodding' needed.

We're hoping that recent Windows Phone devices will get the upgrade, but if they don't then we'll await WinMo7 with bated breath, as it looks like Ballmer has finally sent the cavalry in to save the OS.

Via Unwired View and PocketNow