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Apple's iPhone 5C may turn out to have been a short-lived experiment

iPhone 5C
Look how cute it is!

The iPhone 5C is Apple's most affordable, colorful and adorable iPhone, but it's reportedly going to be discontinued by the middle of 2015.

Apple's suppliers will cease production on the iPhone 5C next year, possibly after some final promotions on the company's part, reports Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times.

The iPhone 5C is currently available only in a tiny 8GB size, and it's notably lacking the TouchID sensor present on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and even the older iPhone 5S.

TouchID is critical to the company's Apple Pay plans, which may be why the iPhone 5C has to go.

But that leaves one enormous, colorful question: will a TouchID-equipped iPhone 6C replace it?

Via MacRumors