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Apple loses prototype iPhone 5, say reports

iPhonegate was the tech story of 2010

An Apple employee reportedly lost an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar, one year after the exact same thing happened.

CNET is reporting that an "unreleased device" was left in a tequila bar in the Mission district in late July and sparked a mad, yet unsuccessful, dash from Apple to reclaim the handset.

The embarrassing revelation, which is almost too bizarre to believe, is a carbon copy of last year's incident which ended with a pre-release iPhone 4 ending up in the hands of tech blog Gizmodo.

The report claims that the device may have been sold on the Craigslist site for just $200 (£120).


Apple traced the phone back to a San Francisco flight where a man, who admitted being at the Cava 22 lounge where the device was lost, but denied any knowledge of the phone.

CNET reckons Apple offered the guy cash, and no questions asked, for the safe return of the phone, but he again denied ever being in possession of it.

The story, if it turns out to be accurate (Apple haven't commented) will come as a massive humiliation for Apple following last year's lost iPhone 4 escapades.

The company is set to have stepped up security around the new device to avoid a repeat of last year's saga, but it seems they reckoned without the power of tequila.